Case Studies

Mondelez – A fast and intuitive Trial Management System

The client

Mondelēz is a multinational confectionery, food and beverage conglomerate with revenue of $35 billion and operations in more than 80 countries.

Mondelēz selected Sope for the development and implementation of a Manufacturing Trial Management extranet site. This site needed to provide a central location to manage all trial manufacturing records in Australia and New Zealand. With limited annual windows to get new products to market, as well as the imperative not to disturb existing production, the trial management process needed to become quicker and smarter. The existing system was not intuitive; it was slow, inflexible and didn’t provide for a seamless or automated workflow.

How we helped

Sope worked closely with Mondelēz to analyse the business processes, present and collaborate on interface design, workflows and page layout, to ensure that team members would adapt quickly once transitioned to the new environment. The result was a SharePoint solution that enables every step of the process to transition quickly and easily.

A seamless and automated process

Sope used ​their Tabbed Solutions SharePoint tool to implement an automated workflow extranet portal. Our Tabbed Solutions technology provides the ability to easily ‘click to expand’ information on relevant steps and projects. A well-designed interface made it clear which steps a staff member needed to follow in order to get their trial approved. At each step, the system automatically emails the relevant approver, so that they can approve and keep the process moving. The system is fully integrated with other business systems, such as production scheduling.

Going totally paperless

The process is now totally paperless. All sign off's, documents and scheduling are done within the portal.

Inbuilt flexibility & visibility

The previous system did not allow anyone to override the suggestion trial production dates. The new system enables this to take place, plus, customised reports can now be produced, on top of automated ones. The portal has also increased visibility of both the overall status of all food production trials as well as the detailed status and outstanding tasks for each individual trial.

The benefits

  • A fast and intuitive workflow that automates and accelerates an important process
  • A paperless solution with inbuilt flexibility and visibility
  • Full integration with other business systems


Services Provided

  • Responsive and Usable design
  • ASP.Net Development
  • SharePoint Development
  • SharePoint Customisation
  • Visual Branding
  • Support
  • Workflows