Project Details

AUSTSWIM – Streamlined and accessible accreditation system

The client

The AUSTSWIM accreditation is an industry standard for swimming and water safety teachers and is delivered and recognised in each state and territory of Australia and many countries overseas. There are currently over 32,000 AUSTSWIM teachers in Australia and over 10,000 international licenses in teaching specific swimming programs, such as infants, people with a disability and adults.

AUSTSWIM needed a web based accreditation management solution to manage all of their candidates, teachers and presenters from a self service interface. The system needed to be available from anywhere, to cater for a brand that operates across all states in Australia and a growing market overseas. The legacy database system was clunky, labour-intensive and difficult to integrate with. AUSTSWIM needed a solution that was built on a technically sound platform, enabled growth by eliminating manual processes and kept AUSTSWIM ‘up with the times’.

How we helped


Sope system architects and developers worked with the team at AUSTSWIM to ensure that there was a clear understanding of what the system need to achieve. During the development phase we used the SCRUM methodology to enable the key users to have direct input into the design of the system as it was being developed.  
AUSTSWIM are now working with a purpose-built database that centralises all of their accreditee information, called ORAMS, as well as a new website and a SharePoint intranet.

Centralised & accessible solution

ORAMS stands for Online Registration and Accreditation Management System. ORAMS The process is integrated with other systems, including course enrolments, the swim school finder, Moodle online training system, the E-Way credit card processing system and other dynamic content from their public website. The solution is built on ASP.Net with an SQL database, so is accessible by any web browser with an internet connection. It has an intuitive web-based interface, making for easy entry of and access to information.

Automated, online process without the need for special software

The accreditation process can now be carried out in an automated fashion, online and without special software. As it is hosted in the Cloud, it makes it even easier to be accessed from anywhere, securely, including vital international markets.

Teachers register online, which automatically adds them to the ORAMS database. They register for any courses they need to complete and are then automatically sent their course information as well as a username and password to log in to complete online training. Teachers can then upload a documentary proof, to show that they meet other criteria (such as First Aid), at which time the system prints off and sends their license card. The system automatically sends out license renewal letters and other correspondence as required. All relevant information from other systems (such as finance and training) are pushing directly into the ORAMS database. In other words, the whole process is largely self-managed and seamless.

The benefits

  • intuitive, easy to use and accessible from anywhere
  • A centrally hosted database that can integrate with other business systems, including the website and intranet, to make the process a more seamless and automated one, which increases efficiency
  • Hosted in the Cloud, for added security and accessibility, making it possible to move into international markets

Services Provided

  • Responsive and Usable design
  • Support
  • System Architecture
  • Visual Branding
  • Web Strategy
  • Workflows
  • ASP.Net Development