SharePoint Support

SharePoint Support 

We want you to get the most out of your SharePoint solution. At Sope, we provide responsive support in a variety of ways, to suit your needs and budget:

A central contact point - the Sope ​Support Portal

All support clients ​receive access to access to a support portal, as an efficient way of logging issues, making requests and monitoring their progress. Email and phone enquiries are tracked ​in the Supportal with priority and status reports.

All support requirements are built into your client contract, which outlines all terms and conditions ahead of time. 

Contact us to discuss your specific support needs.

Free SharePoint health check

For those clients who already have a SharePoint site, we offer a FREE SharePoint Health Check.

We review all servers in your SharePoint farm and provide a full report on the following key ‘health’ areas:

  • Current Server Specifications
  • SharePoint Patching levels
  • Third party installations
  • Network Topology
  • Security Issues and vulnerabilities
  • Search configuration
  • Site architecture

We then advise you on your top priorities for action and make specific recommendations for any suggested changes or upgrades.