Intranets, extranets & websites

Design and system architecture

Do you need to share ideas, documents and images? Want to get your people talking and collaborating from different locations? Reach out to external customers and stakeholders? Have a change management or culture project to implement? We design systems from the server to the user interface with the end goal in mind - simple, reliable and productive. The beauty of systems is that you store your information in the system once and then publish it where you need it on platforms such as:

  • Extranets - for collaboration with external stakeholders/customers
  • Intranets - for internal collaboration & communication
  • Websites - public websites with content published from the source

We support you to ensure that all data from previous systems is transferred into your new SharePoint system, complete and in the right format. We make sure your server architecture is appropriate for your new platform. We also provide reliable and responsive support.

Once you have a platform established we can then develop tailored and customised solutions that solve particular business problems – anything from complex, automated workflows to project management systems. Learn more on our SharePoint Consulting page.

Responsive web design 

It’s one thing that our web solutions are reliable and well-built, but a big part of why our solutions are successful is because they provide a positive user experience. Our skills in creative web design, usability and accessibility mean that we can make your website look fantastic and on-brand too!

We are passionate about responsive web design and love a challenge. From a home page master piece, to a humble enquiry form, our designs are clean and inviting and our structure is based on providing an intuitive and positive user experience.

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Web strategy & advice

As we can draw upon experience in business and technology, we look at your overarching web-based needs and make sure you have the right strategies and systems in place, to meet the short and long-term needs of your organisation.

Here are the sorts of questions we help you to address:

  • What and where should the IT resources be invested?
  • We already have a web site, but how can we engage with our clients?
  • Do we have the servers and systems to meet our needs?
  • Is there a better web platform we can be moving to?
  • How can we use Cloud Computing to enhance customer service and reduce costs?
  • Is there another way to store files and data other than on my local server?
  • Should we move from on premise to Office 365 in one step or is there a hybrid solution?

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