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Sproket Intranet In a Box

Sproket is powerful, an all-in-one intranet solution. With Sproket, you can quickly and easily launch a completely capable, customised and fully branded intranet, that works across every device.

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Single Source of Truth

Do you need to share ideas, documents and images? Want to get your people talking and collaborating from different locations? Reach out to external customers and stakeholders? Have a change management or culture project to implement? We can implement you build you a custom intranet with one goal in mind - simple, reliable and productive. The beauty is that you store your information in the system once and then publish it where you need it on platforms such as:

  • Intranet - for internal collaboration, document management & communication
  • Extranet - for collaboration with external stakeholders/customers​

We will sit down with you to discuss your vision and what you want to achieve. We support you to ensure that all data from previous systems is transferred into your new SharePoint system, complete and in the right format. We will guide you through the journey and provide expert advice at the critical points. Our team will be there during the go live and and help you drive adoption. Once your portal is live we will continue to provide you with highly response support should you need it.

Once you have a platform established we can then develop tailored and customised solutions that solve particular business problems – anything from complex, automated workflows to project management systems. Learn more on our SharePoint Consulting page.

Modern design 

Our intranets are based on the Modern Microsoft 365 standards, giving you access to all the latest tools and capabilities in Microsoft's ever-improving cloud platform. For more about our modern solution, please check out our Sproket 365 website.

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