Our Approach

The Sope approach to web projects

We have a Store Once Publish Everywhere philosophy to managing corporate information. This approach helps our clients to optimise their business processes and to work more efficiently and effectively.


1. Listen and Learn

We gather user and business requirements, via workshops and one-on-one interviews.

We gain insight into aspects of current solution that do/don’t work well.

2. Plan

We develop a strategy and road map.

We scope the project and gain client approval.

We draft functional specifications for the development team.

3. Design Look and Feel

We develop a ‘look and feel’ brief for our graphic design team, based on your branding and business requirements.

We provide two mock-ups of the site, for client review.

The finalised design and artwork is handed over to the development team.

4. Build and Develop

The development team create master template and CSS templates.

They configure and develop the solution using Best Practice principles and standards

5. Test and Review

User Acceptance Testing is essential to fine tune.


7. Support and Respond

We provide responsive training, support and upgrades, as required.

We deliver targeted SharePoint training, remotely or on site, supported by helpful resource materials.

We proactively and re-actively monitor and support your solution.

We also have dedicated staff to provide 24/7 support, who can be accessed via our Supportal.​